Herb of the Week #6 :: Burdock Root

Happy much belated New Year's everyone! I hope your 2017 is off to a fantastic start. For me, as I am sure for a lot of you as well, the holidays are fun and filled with great tasting food and drinks. So I figured it would be great to start the herb of the week… Continue reading Herb of the Week #6 :: Burdock Root


Herb/Plant of the Week #5 :: Passionflower

It’s HEEEERE...Christmas week. Whether you celebrate it or not, I think we can all agree it’s a crazy week. Lots of traffic on the road. People last minute shopping. Packed parking lots. Just to name a few. So this herb, comes on a perfect week. This week we are looking at a calming and relaxing… Continue reading Herb/Plant of the Week #5 :: Passionflower

Herb/Plant of the Week #2 :: Motherwort

It’s already time for the second Herb/Plant of the Week here on the Aesthetic Athlete, blog of Nutrition Designed! Yay! This week we are doing another heart herb: MOTHERWORT  Botanical Latin Name: Leonurus Cardiaca Botanical Family: Lamiaceae (mint) family Parts used: aerial parts (all parts exposed completely to air) Method: Tea and Tincture Actions: Anti-spasmodic, Nervie,… Continue reading Herb/Plant of the Week #2 :: Motherwort

Hormone Balance with Seed Cycling

I know hormone balance can seem like a very trendy term being thrown around out there right now. And it’s for good reason. Hormones are pretty delicate. They influence and impact every system in our bodies. These imbalances are related to various things including our food and lifestyle choices, exercise, chronic stress, environmental toxins and even age. Give seed cycling a try for help with hormone balance.