Oh, Hello…

I’m Yvonne Matthews. I was born in Palm Springs (yes, there are natives from there) and schooled in Washington, D.C. as a math major turned designed turned nutritionist.

In a nutshell my outlook on nutrition is that it can be fun and healthy all at the same time. We don’t need to overhaul everything, unless of course you want to. I won’t take away your favorite foods or ask you to do anything you aren’t willing to. I love food. I love cooking at home and I love going out to restaurants. Balance is best and so is feeling amazing! And I believe I have the best clients! For more details on why I switched careers and what I do, you can find me at Nutrition. Designed.

Currently, I reside in Denver, CO with my husband and 2 rescue dog-children. When I am not consulting my nutrition clients, I can be found running around the city, literally, I am a marathoner and triathlete. I am a nut for the outdoors and love anything that makes me sweat, from running to tennis to hiking to cycling and swimming, among much more.

I was a web/graphic/UX designer for over 10 years in Los Angeles. I started my own design firm Evan Ivan Creative in 2015. However, I don’t do much of any design work anymore, but if you must, my very outdated design portfolio is here 🙂 and if you think you have an interesting project you think I might enjoy please reach out.

I hope you will enjoy reading about my escapades running, designing, fooding and enjoying great music! If you have any nutrition questions, or just want to say hello, ymatthews14 [at] gmail [dot] com

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