Defining Goals & Getting Unstuck


I started a tradition about 7-8 years ago where at the end of every year I go through my goals from the previous year that have been sitting in a jar in my kitchen. I don’t use the term “resolutions” because it feels too rigid of a term and often when we don’t accomplish them we tend to term them “failures”. Instead, I like to use the term “goals”. These we can have and they can shift and take new shape as we grow.  As I review my goals from that year, I divide them into one of three categories: completed/accomplished, incomplete/unfulfilled but still important to me, and finally, not achieved but no longer important to me. Then for the new year, I’ll revise any of the goals I still want to keep from last year, throw out the ones that no longer serve me, and write new ones. These go back in to the jar for the new year. Every now and then I’ll look back at them to check in, see where I am and remind myself of ones I may have forgotten (I also just started keeping this list on my phone as well, in case I want to look at them when I am not home). For me this is such a positive and fun activity around the new year, as well as, a great guide and reminder of what’s important throughout the year.

This year one of my regular clients came in for a follow-up session and when the session ended I realized we barely even talked about nutrition. Because she is a regular client of mine we’ve gone through her diet journals, I’ve given her meal plans with numerous recipes, as well as educational handouts on all the things she’s got questions on and things I think are important for her to know, such as blood sugar regulation, macronutrients, how stress affects our eating, sustainable nutrition and organic foods, how to eat for successful workouts, and more. But this time, with stress from the holidays, travel and New Year’s resolution, she found herself in a bit of a “funk”.

She felt stuck.

Unsure what the next step should be.

She was unhappy with her work, her personal life felt chaotic and like there was no time for herself. And with all this stress and pressure, she was neglecting her healthy eating and lifestyle habits. We talked about prioritizing self-care and how eating is nourishing and loving your body. We talked about how something as simple as eating regular and consistent meals can helps us make better choices in our daily life, not simply related to eating but in all areas of life.

And because she is a regular client of mine, I didn’t want to sounds like a broken record, a lot of this we had already talked about in one session or another.

So, I listened to her talk. Not about what she ate for lunch. Not about nutrition. But about life.

Sometimes to move forward in one area like nutrition, we must look at the large picture. And even though I am a nutritionist, sometimes that means not talking about food.

I gave her a few ideas and suggestions, and she left my office feeling a little better than when she walked in 30 minutes earlier. Still something in me felt like I wanted to give her more. But, what else could I do?  How else could I support her and help to get her out of this funk?

I came home and in a moment of inspiration I wrote down all things swirling in my head and sent it to her. What came out was a “how to guide” on defining our goals and getting “unstuck”.

I thought it was a perfect time to share it with everyone here. It’s almost the end of January, and for a lot of people that means realizing that their New Year’s Resolutions have fallen by the waist-side, weren’t what they really wanted or needed, feeling trapped in the same loop and habits that are no longer serving them. If you feel discouraged or looking for something powerful to move you into a new space or direction, this is for you. I have included a link to the PDF download here. My hope is that it helps shift something in you.

I love all my clients. They all being something so unique and different to the table. A new perspective, a new issue to discuss. And this week I was reminded that being a holistic nutritionist is more than education with food but how the lives we live and the food we eat are all part of a larger picture about balance and happiness within our whole self.

How do you love yourself? How do you get unstuck? I’d love to hear it! Share in the comments below and if you have any questions about nutritional consultations please visit my website or email me:


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