Part 2: Day 2 in Tokyo

After strolling around on a cold but sunny first day and going to bed quite a bit earlier than I would like to confess, we acclimated to Tokyo time a bit more as we headed out at 5am to weather the rain at the Tsukiji Fish Markets. First stop, navigating the Metro, surprisingly easier than I would have thought. Tiny tickets in hand and the emptiest I ever saw the subways the entire trip.


Welcome to Tskukiji. To the outer markets first, as they are open to everyone all day. And since it was the holidays and a very cold rainy day, I found out that this was actually a quiet day. sheesh!


A tradition at Tsukiji, a sushi breakfast at 7am. I got the tuna plate, nearly 7 different kinds of amazing.


After filling out bellies with sushi, we headed into the indoor wholesale markets,that open at 9am to the public. The bottom two images that have grey blue large bodies of fish, are the giant tuna and one getting sawed in half.


I have learned that most places have westernized toilets. But after hours of walking around, drinking hot green tea in the cold cold rain, this Japanese-style toilet was all I could find… hmmmm.


Then it was back to the Metro to find our way to Ginza, known as one of the most upscale places to shop in the world. yipeee!


At 2pm, this was the weather, so we ducked into a little English-type bistro for some hot lunch and a beer. Heaven. And who says the Japanese dont celebrate Christmas?


Lastly, a shot from our room after a long and cold day. How gorgeous are all the lights.


Stay tunned for Day 3 and our weekend adventure to Kyoto.


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