FNL – Unbooked 6

Today’s jam is from Jed & Lucia, who have been around for more than a hot second. The Californians started playing their indie electro-folk-pop together since 2005.  There latest track “Its a Wonder” has that wonderful summer sound. It’s even a free download for you right now on their site.

“This is Why” released in 2011 and “April Showers” released in 2010 are great mellow jams to chill out to.

They remind me of another awesome summer tune I got stuck on back in the summer of 2010, “Brazilian” by Gramophonedzie. (Please, excuse the video, I couldn’t find a better clip of it. might I suggest pressing play and closing your eyes and just enjoy the sounds.) Also, a free download here.

Though both, Jed & Lucia and Gramophonedzie may never make it onto SNL, I think they are fantastic and deserve to be heard. Happy Friday! Summer’s nearly here!


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