Monday, Funday? (Belated)

Well, I am off to a not -so-good start, my second post for the Monday Funday column got postponed a day. My apologies friends, that’s what happens when you have way to much fun for your own good over the weekend.

Never fear, it’s here today!

And after all the FUN, we have a non-alcoholic drink on tap today. It’s a little detox for your kidneys and liver, if you need it like i need it, heck even if you don’t, it’s delicious, so why wouldn’t you?

Here’s what you need for your detoxifying green smoothie:

1/2 cup frozen mangos

1/2 frozen banana

handful of fresh spinach

1 teaspoon fresh grated ginger

1/2 scoop whey protein powder

10-20 drops of liquid chlorophyll ( I use one from Whole Foods, similar to this)*

couple ice cubes

Just throw everything into your blender and whirl away. Pour into glass and enjoy the taste of detoxification!


And if you aren’t sure about the liquid chlorophyll the smoothie is teh best way to try it, you won’t even know it’s in there. After three days of using it every day, you should see clearer skin! I know I did. Yeah, I’m kinda addicted. I love it so much I just add it to water once a day if I don’t make this smoothie. I like the slight peppermint taste it adds to my water. Try it!

*Studies have shown that Chlorophyll increases our red blood cell count, helps fight infection, treat acne and improve the look of skin, and promote the health of our digestive track and immune system, among much more. You can read more here.



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