Thursday Thanks ::: 6 :::

This week has been one of those touch and go weeks. Just when I think I have had enough, something great happens, and it lifts me right back up.

I am thankful for:

• friends that love fitness, makes it easier (and more fun) to stay in shape for sure

• an understanding landlord

• music, especially NPR and KCRW, they get me through it all when I am home working alone
(Image: Getting ready to BBQ a chicken on Cinco de Mayo with my mom, always a fun time)

One thought on “Thursday Thanks ::: 6 :::

  1. Love the photo of the chickie! You are making me thirsty for a margarita! Where is my photo of “Rufus”? I loved the hummingbird artwork hanging you gave me for Mother’s Day.
    Thanks! Love, mom


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