New Restaurant: Plan Check

A few weeks ago I went to check out the new restaurant on Sawtelle in West L.A. called Plan Check. It’s a self-proclaimed small plates of “American Classics.” Though, I have to say I found it very japanese influenced. It’s has a very industrial architectural vibe to it.

Here’s our order:

a. I started wtih the “Tropic Thunder” with jalapeño infused kanon vodka and mango. It’s delicious, and not too spicy. I also heard the “Spagetti Western” is Ah-mazing.

b. Then we started with the “Baked Crab Dip” with dynamite sauce, masago, charred tomato, nori, toast (never enough toast) but this was my favorite so far, ha.

c. The “Grilled Rockfish” which is rock shrimp tempura, flaked wasabi, citron tartar sauce, grilled cucumber, bonito. Again, no complaints here, except that I had to share it 😉 Also, we shared the “Fresh Cut Fries”. Possibly some of the most perfect fries ever with homemade ketchup (the sauce was not my favorite, I have a problem with people making a staple sauce like that simply because you have preconceived notions of what it should taste like and I dont’ think that’s what you want. The sauce they made was great. But should not be called ketchup, but rather a roasted tomato sauce, or something else.)

d. Ginger beer and the rustic table-scape.

e. Donuts for dessert. Yes, I eat dessert at lunch, don’t you? These donuts are made fresh to order, placed on top of a vanilla custard topped with fresh whipped cream. Ugh, hello heaven. Again, I have to share this?!?!

So, yes you should “Check” it out.


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