The First ‘Bucha Batch

About a month ago I made my first purchase from Fab, and it just happened to be a Kombucha Starter kit. I have been wanting one for ever. And I counld’t resist the discount and the packaging from Kombucha Brooklyn. Brilliant, I tell you. Brilliant. So when I arrived I ripped it open and started my first Batch ‘O ‘Bucha! I finally bottled it earlier in the week and am letting it do it’s second fermentation thing, this is the part where you flavor it, if you’d like and let it gain some much loved carbonation.

A – The kit fresh outta the box.

B – The tea is brewed and the SCOBY (or mushroom as they like to call it sometimes) is in the jar. Now all I have to do is sit back and wait (only the hardest part).

C – 14 days later, the new baby SCOBY is formed on the top and it’s ready to get bottled and flavored.

D – Ewwwww, taking the SCOBY out, you can even see the mother that was below it shrunken and in the jar.

E – And up close at the gross deliciousness, SCOBY baby (I hope that dark spot is okay, I was told it was normal, if I die you will know why, ha)

F – My flavorings, one will be ginger and mango (I ended up using the dried only and saved the fresh for smoothies), the other will be grapefruit.

G – My bottles all flavored, labeled and sealed. The one in te ball jar was extra that didn’t fit in the growlers, so I let that be the “original” flavor.

H – My first glass of my very own Kombucha, original flavor and delicious!

This is so easy and a huge huge money savor is you buy Kombucha all the time and Whole Foods. What a treat! I think this is going to work nicely for my first Food Swap.


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