The Green Bee

So it’s Valentine’s Eve. And I know I did a post a few days ago about how the bf and I don’t celebrate the 14th of February. So just in case you think I am going to renege on that and post a Valentine’s meal or crafty DIY for your sweetie or bestie, worry not. This is the anti-valentine’s day food post. The “I-am-trying-t0-stay-healthly-and-not-drown-myself-in-chocholate-this-week-reciepe”. Because let’s face it, you will feel much Much better if you don’t and take care of your body instead. In fact, it isn’t entirely anti-valentines, because you are loving your self in doing so.

A brief recipe history. A few years ago I worked in an office in the Southern part of Miracle Mile, in Los Angeles and nearly every week I would stop in to this local Cafe called Bloom (it’s on Pico, and yes still here, if you are in the area please check it out). Most days I would stop there to order their Green Flame Smoothie. I was addicted. I eventually moved office locations and my apartment as well and I was forced to come up with my own version of their gloriousness.

Not only is this delicious, but it’s got the superfood, Bee Pollen in it (you can pick this up in the refrigerated section at your local natural food store, including good ole’ Whole Foods, very inexpensively, and you don’t need much).

Bee pollen is a whole food with high energy, an excellent amount of protein and has all 22 amino acids in it. And in case you are interested in learning what these 22 amino acids do in your body, check this out. It also has the enzymes that help break down food almond side being loaded with vitamins and minerals.

Aside from these amazing facts, I know what some of you are saying: but I have pollen allergies, I can’t consume Bee Pollen! So, get this, I actually have allergies too! I thought the same thing. But when I tried it, and read more about it, it turns out it can actually  provide some relief from cette allergies. Just make sure to start out small, say a teaspoon for the first few smoothies and work up to a tablespoon.

Additionally, the Spirulina adds high protein amounts along with more amino-acids, vitamin b12 and many other nutrients. The blend I use “Garden of Life – Perfect Food” supports your immune system, digestive health and a healthy metabolism.

So with no further ado, here’s my version of the Green Flame, I call it the…

The Green Bee

1 cup Orange Juice (fresh only)
1/2 cup Papaya (frozen is fine)
1 Banana (i actually prefer frozen here)
1 tbsp Spirulina (or as directed on label)
1 tsp bee pollen (raw only)
2-3 ice cubes (optional)

Mix all ingredients in blender. Pour into cup. Sprinkle a little bee pollen on top and sip immediately.

This is also a great way to start and finish a cleanse, by slowly introducing whole foods back into your diet in a liquid form, so you don’t shock your system.


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