UPDATE: 30 before 30

Here’s a recap for the end of the year on my 30 before 30 list I wrote on my birthday a few months ago.

All the orange stars are in progress:

1. lined up a baby bulldog for the bf’s 40th in a few weeks, but he decided we better wait until the new condo is finally and officially ours 🙂

3. Been trying to read the books for book club more, but also have read a few on my own, which is progress. But I am in the process of starting my own book club with a guy a work. It’s going to be a co-ed book club (think more outdoors people that like beer). Just leave a comment if you’d like to join! Startin’ in the New Year, probably in a few months.

4. Lost 3! 7 to go! yey, it’s a start.

5. Finally have a doctors appointment to discuss my knee pain. I’ve tried rest for over 4-5 months now and it’s not getting better. It’s been too long since i have really run and I am missing it. I know a PR is in my cards when that heals.

7. The bf got be a few Voice Lessons. Just need to sign up now.

10. My Cargo Collective portfolio is nearly all set. Just a few more comps to get up there.

11. Thanks to Jessica Hische and Strange Native, this helps a lot! And so does all the programmers I work around everyday. I am getting there slowly.

13. I bake this pumpkin pie and this berry pie for Christmas dinner. Both were a hit!

19. The bf and I hired a personal trainer in the building to work out with 2 times a week. Definitely helped me loose the 3 lbs!

And there’s more to cross off the list in the new year! Here’s to my official last day of work! Happy New Year! 2011, it’s been interesting. Mostly good. But looking forward to 2012!


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