Rollin’ Around

It’s official I have been back from Costa Rica for a week now. I wasted no time finding a new car for the one that was taken from me at the end of July. 4 months without a car in LA = in better shape and tired. So, in the last few days I have been gettin’ used to my first convertible. It’s mini-licious!

The bf and I even bundled up and drove with the top down up to Malibu for brunch on sunday. I can just feel it, my first speeding ticket is around the way 😉 This thing is just too much fun. It’s the best Christmas present ever!


2 thoughts on “Rollin’ Around

  1. Oooh, a convertible?? Jelly jealous. Although a convertible is a no no in Seattle 😉 But I do have a panoramic roof. I feel like more speeding tickets are on the way for me as well, it’s too easy. Especially my fiance.. he’s ripping around corners like crazy!


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