29 going on 30

So today I turn 29.

My good friends from work helped me kick off the celebration with a little Susie Cake at lunch! Yum!

29, in and of it self, isn’t that significant of a number.

Unless you start to think about it a little more…

Then you realize this is the last year you will ever be in your 20’s! Yikes! So I have one year to get it together.

Just kidding! But, in fact, I was thinking of putting together some sort of challenge for the year. A set of goals to work on this next year for when I do turn 30. I know a few people that have put together a list of “30” things/goals. I am thinking maybe something for each month for the next year? Not sure I will think about it this week and do a post on what I figure out later this week or next.

Any ideas on how to begin to celebrate my last year in my 20’s? Did you do anything for your 30th? Would you if you could do it over?

(image from Susie Cakes)


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