Back at it

When I am not on one of my infamous “lunch runs” I can usually be found one of two places, having a “fun” lunch with my bff at work Lauren or on a walk to explore the area with my trusty iPhone camera and some groovy music. Today on my walk I was feeling a little down. And it wasn’t towards the end of my trek when I walked past an old VW bus fully loaded, El-Segundo-Style, with a surfboard and the cutest Golden Retriever (in the passenger seat, naturally). I had to take a picture. It made my day and cheered me right up.

Let me continue this post with an apolopgy for my absence lately. I started this blog at the beginning of the year after much debate and push from many friends. My goal was to post every other day or at least 2 times a week. But lately I have been, well, absent. My apologies. But I figured out why. Aside from the lack of time and not being home much, the problem was that I tried to blog about too much. And although, inspiration and ideas for posts were not lacking, the problem was quite the opposite, I tried to blog about too much and too systematically. One design post. Then one post on running. Then one post on food. Then the next on music. And what happened was information overload followed by paralysis.

Additionally, I was so sick of seeing the same posts on all my favorite blogs. I was a little uninspired and was in affect trying to be too unique and put way too much pressure on myself, unnecessarily.

So, I have decided for now on, to blog as I feel fit to. See where it takes me and how people respond, if anyone even reads this thing, beside you mom and Russ. Here’s to another blog before the end of the weekend! Cheers.


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