The Blog has Moved to Nutrition. Designed.

Hi everyone! After many years of having my Aesthetic Athlete blog, I have decided to move it over to my website: Nutrition. Designed. I will continue to post as regularly as I can there. And all posts here have been moved there. For a short time I will keep this site, but at some point… Continue reading The Blog has Moved to Nutrition. Designed.


The Best Natural Body Care Products

Body care is one of those areas that doesn’t really fall under the nutrition umbrellas but does fall into the wellness category. It also seems to be one of the last things we talk about in a nutrition session. But it’s pretty important. In the US, our product safety regulations have not changed since 1938!… Continue reading The Best Natural Body Care Products

Supplement Support – What I Take & Why

  Whew! This is a long one guys. Let’s be honest, how often do I write short blog posts?!?! Ha! But a supplement post was highly requested. Especially now with the unfortunate acquisition of Pure Encapsulations, Douglas Labs and Garden of Life, among others, by Nestle last month. It just means it’s time to change… Continue reading Supplement Support – What I Take & Why

Holiday Stress, Social Media, the “D” Word + a FREE Stress Handout /Worksheet

What's the "D" word you ask? Don't worry, I'll explain in a bit. Something that keeps coming up this time of year (also known as “the holidays”) that I feel like I want to address. It's that "holiday" stress, overwhelm, pressure, to give gifts, to get those workouts in when you can, to go to… Continue reading Holiday Stress, Social Media, the “D” Word + a FREE Stress Handout /Worksheet

Conversation on Body Image, Nutrition and Kindness

Hey! Happy Monday! I don’t know about you but I just love Fall. Growing up in Palm Springs, California, then living in Los Angeles for a decade doesn’t leave for much experience in seasons. Although I am not complaining about either of those areas, they definitely have their perks and I do miss them. However,… Continue reading Conversation on Body Image, Nutrition and Kindness

Everything You Need to Know About Eggs

One of my biggest pet peeves when I look around at all the “healthy” Instagrammers, bloggers and other health-nuts out there is that a lot of them are still eating egg whites only. What?!?! I thought by now everyone had gotten the memo that yolks don’t really contribute to bad cholesterol and heart disease, but… Continue reading Everything You Need to Know About Eggs