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Today’s jam is from Jed & Lucia, who have been around for more than a hot second. The Californians started playing their indie electro-folk-pop together since 2005.  There latest track “Its a Wonder” has that wonderful summer sound. It’s even a free download for you right now on their site.

“This is Why” released in 2011 and “April Showers” released in 2010 are great mellow jams to chill out to.

They remind me of another awesome summer tune I got stuck on back in the summer of 2010, “Brazilian” by Gramophonedzie. (Please, excuse the video, I couldn’t find a better clip of it. might I suggest pressing play and closing your eyes and just enjoy the sounds.) Also, a free download here.

Though both, Jed & Lucia and Gramophonedzie may never make it onto SNL, I think they are fantastic and deserve to be heard. Happy Friday! Summer’s nearly here!

So, it’s official, I am a resident of Marina Del Rey. Gosh this whole moving apartment things really has thrown me for a loop. There’s always so much mor to do than I realize. But Memorial Day weekend was a blast move or no move.

I am so thankful for:

• A wonderfully fun wedding with a truly happy couple and a wonderfully fun first time being a bridesmaid

• An amazing new apartment (pics above) and asome fun decorating to come

• Sunny and mildly hot weather to enjoy the new pool with on the long weekend

More regular posts to come now that we are getting settled. Promise. No, really.

The Heavy has been one of my favorite bands the last few years. Coming from across the pond, in London, they make some great soulful and vintage sounding rock. They are, of course, pretty well known, but I was shocked to see that they had not been booked on Saturday Night Live yet. So, in honour of their new single “What Makes a Good Man?” (below) and their upcoming new album (fingers crossed soon), they are today’s “Friday Night Live – Unbooked” artist.

Enjoy & Happy Friday!

Whew! What a week and there’s still stuff to do. I am thankful for so many things this week.

• For making time to knit

• Meeting exciting new people

• Furniture shopping with the beau for our new apartment (moving this weekend! eeekkk!) We bought this couch in Faux Suede Paprika Herringbone, dining table and my new desk!

• Taking a moment and enjoying living at the beach

• I had some bad dental work done here in LA, so I opted to pay a visit to my childhood dentist back home. It’s always great to visit family while I am home in Palm Springs. And of course make a quick stop at Cheeky’s on the way out (a must go for food)

The Neighbourhood is an LA based, indie pop group lead by lead singer Jesse Rutherford smooth and haunting voice. They have been sprouting up over a few music blogs this month, and with that, it’s about all the detailed information we know on this up-and-coming band. Whether or not they planned it that way, the minimal amount of information surrounding them seems to have sparked intrigue among a quiet few.

One of my favorite songs of late.

The free release of new EP “I’m Sorry” was released on May 7 and they start touring this month as well. The Neighbourhood is definitely on its way up and can’t see them being anything but the Next great LA band and eventually making their way on SNL!

Enjoy and Happy Friday!

It’s been a long couple of weeks burying my face in my own branding stuff. And I have been told I need to take a day and enjoy the weather and the fact that the beach is right outside my front door. So, today, if the clouds allow, I am planning to take a few hours and head out and lay in the sand. Sometimes just getting away for a bit helps solve a lot of questions when you get back.

This week I am so thankful for…

• having the time to knit

• a convertible for this nice sunny warm weather

• Every growing follower on my blog. It’s such an inspiration! Thanks everyone! (let me know what you’d like to see more of)

What are you grateful for this week?


For Dad’s Day

I know Mom’s day was just last week. But in a short month (June 17th) it will be Dad’s turn. So rather that shop last minute, I thought we’d get a head start. Just a few ideas to get you started… happy shopping.

Soap  //  tape  // flask  //  bag  //  beer  // gift basket  //  chocolate  // ceramic animals

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