The Female Body and Kindness


It seems most days bring a constant struggle between my mind and my body: Do I go to the gym today? How many calories is that? Can I eat that? What IF I eat/drink that? How much do I weigh? Can I wear those pants, will they fit? Remember those resolutions to lose 10 pounds, what happened?

My husband would tell you I don’t need to lose any weight, and you would think that would be enough for me to hear. But it’s not. I know I can do better. I Should be doing better. Why can’t I do better?

A few days ago, on The Glamourai, Kelly wrote about the beauty of the female body. Not just one type of lady, but All women. How hard we are and have always been on our appearance. It’s everywhere, the images we see in magazines, billboards and Television. We are never satisfied.

She even writes about herself, “I have always been a naturally thin person ~ but I’d love to lose 5 or 10 pounds. Gazing into the mirror, I see my flaws long before my beauty: my arms aren’t thin enough, my bum is a little too dimply.” I was shocked that this women who I admire daily in her Instagrams thinks this of her own body. It proves we all have our own issues.

When we look at someone else and think they must have it all because they look like what we aspire too or the opposite, we should take a moment to stop ourselves. Stop judging them and stop judging ourselves. They maybe struggling with the same body issues we are and we may just not see it. Or other issues all together that we don’t struggle with or understand. I am reminded, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”

We all judge ourselves and others too harshly and we need to stop. Let’s start accepting all the hard work we put into our wonderful bodies and give our minds a break from all the negative thoughts we feed it.

She ends with “This essay and these pictures only scratch the surface of a much larger story. The more we see, the more we know; the more we know, the less we fear. The less we fear, the greater capacity we have for love. We are the stories we tell ourselves: please give your body a little extra praise today.”

Not coincidentally, this week Mind Body Green put this article out and the Greatist put this article out there on a similar topic. It’s clearly a hot topic.

To Kelly and everyone calling attention to this issue, thank you for putting this out there. With every word and image we are chipping away at the thick walls of self-hatred for our bodies that we have somehow managed to put out there and accept.

Image by Jamie Beck for The Glamourai

Moving State Lines

Three, almost four months ago, I made a few resolutions, as did a lot of us, right?

And I stand here now, contemplating those goals and where they went. Some I’ve followed though on and then of course, some not so much.

This blog has definitely fallen in the latter category. Sometimes when we want something to be perfect it paralyzes us to the point of doing absolutely nothing. So, it’s time to suck it up, know it’s alright if it’s not perfect, and just do it!

So onward we go!

Those of you that know me, know that I moved this past month. Not across the street or down the block. But across state lines. From Los Angeles, California to Denver, Colorado. The move for for my husband’s job. But it’s the most significant move of my life, outside of moving away for college.

The past few weeks since we’ve moved have been challenging for me, to say the least. It’s been a complete role reversal for Russ and myself. I went from riding my bike into Santa Monica for work every day, while Russ worked from home and took care of our little one… Bodee (the not-so-little-pup). And now, it’s my turn to work from home and walk the dog while Russ commutes to work.

When I left my comfy job and city not too far from where I grew up, I was asked often to post updates on Facebook for everyone to follow along. There was just one problem with that: I don’t have a Facebook account. Sure I DID a long time ago from about 2004 to 2010. But I felt like it got out of control and I decided to step away. Let me tell you, you find out who your Real Friends are when you quit Facebook. And yes, it’s been harder to stay in touch with many, but I have found that my relationships with the ones that I do stay in touch with are that much more meaningful.

The point. I HAVE to blog more. It will be my way to stay in touch with many and maybe even more so, it may be a bit of therapy for me on what it’s like being a stranger in this strange town. This new beginning.

So for today, I wanted to share the beginning of our move. Though we hired movers to do most of the dirty work, we did decide to drive the car out and enjoy a bit of a mini-road-trip. Here’s a recap of the fun and beautiful 3-day journey.

This is where Russ and I first moved in together 3 years ago, in sunny L.A. And gonna miss this view, and this one and this one.


Packing up. And someone’s NOT so thrilled about it.

moving_01 moving_02

Hitting the road, early on Saturday morning. Again… someone’s a little worried about this situation here… hmmmm.


We have HOW MANY miles in front of us today?


This view makes it all O.K.


And our first stop. Utah. You. Are. Gorgeous.



Day 2 on the road. Only one word needed: ZION.

moving_08 moving_09 moving_10 moving_11 moving_12 moving_13 moving_14 moving_15

Snow? Who cares?!?! You make it even more magical.





The Troopers first snow!


Just a few of the cool signage along the way.


Day Two ended in Beaver Creek, CO. But come Monday morning, this is the amazing view! Swim anyone? Don’t worry it’s only 17 degrees out!


And we’re off on our last short leg to Denver. This road trip has left me breathless. America, Well Done. Well done, I say.


And we pull up on our street.


And the goal, our cute little house.


Note: sadly, my good Nikon camera got packed up, so I took all these photos on my wonderful iPhone.

Cleansing, Blogging and New Years Resolutions in Late January

Happy Belated New Years everyone!

A few weeks ago, right after all those New Years Resolutions were written down, I saw this:

And it amazed (also, don’t miss the behind the scenes profiles, great stuff here).

A lot of the time we, I, get so hung up on following someone’s life on Instagram, blogs, twitter or a favorite celebrity, anything really, that we forget what Real life looks like. It’s not perfect. We are all flawed. Yes, even those that look flawless are not. I think that’s why this campaign is so brilliant. It shows life, REAL life.

One of my New Years Resolutions was to blog and share more. And yet, somehow it’s already January 27th and this is the first time I have sat down to write something.

Why, you might ask? I don’t have the answer to that. Fear I guess? But what am I afraid of? Again, I’m not sure.

However, not coincidentally, I did start my New Years resolution “diet” today, beginning with a 3-day juice cleanse from Pressed Juicery. I had built up all these excuses in my head of why I couldn’t do a New Years cleanse sooner, everything from my husbands birthday to our dogs major surgery to a long weekend trip to Denver. I should have just started January 1, like everyone else. But, hey, at least I am starting.

So, I figured, heck, I have a splitting headache from my caffeine and coffee withdraws from starting one new years resolution, why not tackle another. So today I cleanse AND blog. Who knows, maybe I will even get motivated in the next few days to write another post!


A Runner’s Manifesto

It’s been a while since I have been back, I have been doing some major work on my running. I finally nursed a hip injury that I sustained back in September last year when I was marathon training for New York. With a lot of work and some physical therapy, it’s finally better. So naturally I signed up for another race. This time it’s my first half marathon, the Long Beach in October. I have a goal of making it in under 2 hours, so I have been doing a lot of strength training and speed work. So far I have hit all my time goals on every run. I have been feeling great getting back into it, as scared as I was that I lost is all after the injury and months off of the pavement. But I haven’t! I am elated!


In honor of all the great running I have been up to and to anyone who’s nursing an injury right now, keep your head up, you’ll be back soon!

I recently read a post by Dorothy Beal about “what running has made me believe.” It was beautiful. So inspirational, that I decided to write my very own list of “what running has made ME believe.” Here’s my list:

1. I believe you never underestimate the power of a run. You will never feel worse for doing it!

2. I believe that the starting is always the hardest.

3. I believe that anyone, including myself, can get faster.

4. I believe it’s not easy but it’s more than worth it.

5. I believe that everyone can be a runner.

6. I believe that it’s the best therapy out there and free.

7. I believe that proper running shoes are a must.

8. I believe that you have to be kind to you body, slow runs are good runs too.

9. I believe that marathon training and racing will change who you are.

10. I believe that endorphins are the best high you can get and it’s free, and yes, addictive.

11. I believe that everyday deserves some good sweating.

12. I believe that it’s okay to run and cry at the same time.

13. I believe in believing in yourself.

14. I believe that nothing good comes from standing in the comfort zone.

15. I believe that the proper sports bra will make you run better.

16. I believe that running is living.

Anyone have any good races on the calendar?

Image from my instagram


Cleansing Day 1

I have done a few  3-day cleanses in the past. My first experience was Blue Print Cleanse. Followed a year or so later with the Rainbow cleanse from Moon Juice. And the last one was about 6 months ago, from Kreation Kafe.

The first time I did a juice cleanse, I found it extremely difficult, but so worth it. And with each subsequent cleanse, it’s gotten easier and more pleasant. So I am excited to do it once again.

This time I am hitting the reset button with a new place, Pressed Juciery. I bike past it’s Santa Monica location every day on my way to work and stop in frequently for a breakfast or lunch juice. So, far I have yet to have a drink there that I don’t like. So far my favorite has been the this seasons flavor “Kale, Spinach Romaine, Brazil Nuts, Vanilla Beans, Dates and Sea salt”. Yum!Here’s a shot from this mornings start on my Instagram.

Naturally, I saw this in my Flipboard feed this morning, from the always clever people at someecards:



This does sounds more like my kind of cleanse. Though, I guess that explains my need to juice cleanse so often :) Ha!\




Happy Friday!

I have a lot of blog posts in the works right now, but none quite ready yet. So I thought I would share a timeless piece of musical inspiration today.

Lately, I have been catching up on my Community episodes. I just love Chevy Chase. Which reminded me of this fabulous video. One of my favorites growing up and still holds up. Enjoy! And Happy Friday!

I’m Back!

Well HELLOOOO there!

Let me preface this with a huge, I’m so sorry. For the small audience that I may still have. Yes, it’s been over a year, 16 months to be more exact. And all this despite a 2013 AND 2014 resolution I had to blog more (or at all).

I know. I know.

Needless to say, a LOT has happened since then. I will make this first blog post in 16 months a brief recap of what has happened and why I took a small hiatus from the blog.

First things first, and the main reason I stopped blogging, I got a dog. My first very own dog as an adult. Mine, all mine. Well, and my boyfriend’s too. I can share. But he likes me best. His name is Bodee. Nope, not after the olympic skier or Point Break, but rather, an ode to The Wire (what can I say, I was watching that at the time we got him).


He’s such a funny dog, neurotic, just like his owner.


Yep, he’s a pit-mix.


We rescued him, from the wonderful people at Much Love in Santa Monica.


When we decided to start looking at rescues, we researched so many out here him Los Angeles. He was the first dog we saw, at the first place we looked.


We never stood a chance.


Now, I have a small understanding of why people think their babies and kids are the cutest. Yep, I have the cutest dog out there. Don’t you?


This won’t be the last time I post pictures of him here, or on Instagram. Sorry, if you want to unfollow me. I will be sad. But I understand. Not really, but I will try.


Second, I got engaged. August 3rd of last year, my boyfriend Russ proposed to me on a long weekend trip to Del Mar, CA. Yes. I cried. We are getting married in November of this year, in a very small ceremony. I will try my hardest to blog about the process along the way. I tried to do it on my own for awhile then decided to have a day-of-coordinator, then after some research and many meetings with many different wedding planners, I now have an a full-time wedding coordinator, Emilia, of Sweet Emilia Jane. She is my saviour!


Third, we took our annual “big trip” to Spain last year. It was the longest I had taken of from work. It was nerve-wracking to be gone for so long, but so wonderful to travel. Yes, I will post about this too.


Fourth, I ran my 4th marathon and first New York Marathon in 2013! Hands down, the best marathon experience I have ever had. Also, clocked in at the largest marathon ever recorded. It was amazing, oh yeah, and it was a personal best! Unfortunately, I injured my left hip during training and made a contentious decision to continue training and run it. I have been in physical therapy for two months and just now am getting back into running. Last week was the first time I ran on it since the marathon in November of last year. It was only for 1.5 miles. But I will take what I can get! And know I will be back on the road in no time. Still worth every day of pain. If you love to run, the ING New York Marathon is a must! I love NY!


Fifth, I most recently, went from being a graphic designer on the marketing team at TrueCar, to the newest member of our UX (User Experience) team. So I am now a UX Designer. I am super pumped for the newest design challenge. So far, so great!

Lastly, yes, I promise to finish posting about our incredible trip to Japan in Christmas of 2012…

Thanks for being so patience and hanging in there. Keep staying tuned. I’m baaaaack!